NRA "Rurik" provides rating services, as well as informational, analytical, and consulting services in the field of rating:

Credit Ratings | Deposit Ratings | Insurance Company Financial Strength Ratings | Analytical Reviews | Information and Consulting Services

Credit Rating

Credit rating is a conditional expression of the borrower's creditworthiness as a whole (borrower's rating) or its individual debt instruments (debt obligation rating). For some companies and debt securities, obtaining a credit rating is mandatory, while for others, it is a strategically correct decision that provides the following advantages:

  • For banks - significant expansion of the list and permissible volume of operations (keeping reserves of insurers, investment, and pension funds);
  • Improvement of business image and increased investment attractiveness of your company;
  • Independent qualified expert assessment of the financial and economic activities of your company and conclusions on its development prospects
  • Presentation of data about the company in line with international standards for information disclosure
Deposit Ratings

Deposit rating is an expert assessment that reflects NRA "Rurik's" opinion on the possibility of timely and full repayment of bank deposits to clients. Individuals can use the reliability rating of deposit accounts determined by an authorized rating agency as an additional factor when choosing a banking institution to place their savings.

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Insurance Company Ratings

Financial strength (stability) rating of an insurance company is an expert assessment that reflects NRA "Rurik's" opinion on the insurance company's ability to fulfill its obligations to clients under insurance contracts in a timely and full manner. A reinsurer with a financial strength rating can accept a greater amount risks from other insurers.

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Information Services

In addition to determining ratings and preparing analytical reviews, NRA "Rurik" offers services for evaluating the financial stability of a business partner based on public data or information provided by the customer. Our exclusive product is Information Disclosure Policy to counterparties and independent appraisers (banking institution). As part of the policy development, we provide recommendations for high-quality and complete disclosure of information by the bank to its counterparties and independent appraisers to establish long-term cooperation and build a positive business image.

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